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Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies (Formerly known as BUS)

LAIS Fall 2014 Advisement Schedule

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Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies - The new B.U.S. Program

BUS to LAIS diagram

Beginning this fall, the B.U.S. program will be changing its name to The Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies Program, which will offer two bachelor’s degrees and a minor. 

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts will remain similar to the B.U.S. degree with a few specific requirement changes. 

The Bachelor of Integrative Studies is a new program that engages students who would benefit from closer collaboration with a faculty mentor through experiential research and/or participation in faculty-led problem solving teams.

The minor in Integrative Studies will allow creative students who are not in an interdisciplinary major to broaden their academic experience while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in their chosen discipline.

View a 4 year roadmap for the Bachelor of Liberal Arts and the Bachelor of Integrative Studies here.